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Download Fixed Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (EU) CIA F...

Man it would be nice if they'd finally put monster hunter stories on sale for the 3ds Don't know why they never do seeing how it goes on sale constantly in Japan for around $5 basically People are over here trying to sell the physical copy for $100 and I hate this

Download Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (EU) | CIA F...

The mentor to many a fledgling hunter, Master Utsushi manages Arena Quests in Kamura Village. Speak to him if you want to tackle these special challenges where you must take down monsters using pre-set weapons and items.

Kamura Village is finally at peace, having fought off an onslaught of monster attacks known as the Rampage. That hard-earned peace is disrupted by the unexpected appearance of the wolf-like monster Lunagaron in the Shrine Ruins. In the Shrine Ruins, the hunter meets Fiorayne, a knight of the Royal Order. Fiorayne asks for the hunter's help in investigating why monsters from the Kingdom are becoming violently aggressive and invading other territories, including Kamura. United in their mission, they set off for the far-off outpost of Elgado. 041b061a72

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