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raw : author's note - when i scanned my photographs for this book, some of the images were altered to make them easier to scan. i have discovered that the tiff format in photoshop cs5 has, of late, started presenting the hours, minutes, seconds of the start date and time of the file in the histogram.

edit layer feature to create the illusion of alteration. how i did so, you will find out in some of the images. i only did so for select images to make them easier to scan. i have done no further embellishments of the original images. i will let you judge for yourself how authentic it really is.

as a person, franklin was dead-set on his values. he was a puritan, and he wrote that puritans ought to believe that the highest form of happiness is to act as god directs. this is a theme that runs through most of his writings and speeches. we should always try to live a life of virtue, he believed, and make a contribution to society in this life. god helps those who help themselves.

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