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Turning The Page [v0.6.0]

For live page navigation via and ,their server-side equivalents push_redirect and push_patch, as well as formsubmits via phx-submit, the JavaScript events "phx:page-loading-start" and"phx:page-loading-stop" are dispatched on window. Additionally, any phx-event may dispatch page loading events by annotating the DOM element withphx-page-loading. This is useful for showing main page loading status, for example:

Turning the Page [v0.6.0]

Note: When using hooks outside the context of a LiveView, mounted is the onlycallback invoked, and only those elements on the page at DOM ready will be tracked.For dynamic tracking of the DOM as elements are added, removed, and updated, a LiveViewshould be used.

Note: In case a LiveView pushes events and renders content, handleEvent callbacks are invoked after the page is updated. Therefore, if the LiveView redirects at the same time it pushes events, callbacks won't be invoked on the old page's elements. Callbacks would be invoked on the redirected page's newly mounted hook elements.

The library used for charting on the main page has been switched from chart.js to the more lightweight uPlot. This also allows viewing all the stats at one time, and they will be in the correct units on the bottom.

The key change is that jupyter-book page is no longer available.Instead you can now pass a single file path to jupyter-book build, as opposed to a directory, and it will build your single page (thanks to @AakashGfude).See Build a standalone page.

Use the embedded media player to play the call audio from any point in the conversation. Set the position by choosing the time marker annotation on the transcript or by using the player time control. The audio player remains visible as you scroll down the page.

The PCA UI web app queries the DynamoDB table to retrieve the list of processed calls to display on the home page. The call detail page reads additional detailed transcription and analytics from the JSON results file for the selected call.

Our companion solution, Live Call Analytics and Agent Assist (LCA), offers real-time transcription and analytics capabilities by using the Amazon Transcribe real-time APIs. Unlike PCA, which transcribes and analyzes recorded audio after the call has ended, LCA transcribes and analyzes your calls as they are happening and provides real-time updates to supervisors and agents. The new Amazon Transcribe Real-time Call Analytics service provides post-call analytics output from your streaming sessions just a few minutes after the call has ended. LCA (v0.6.0 or later) can now send this post-call analytics data to PCA to provide analytics visualizations for completed calls without needing to transcribe the audio a second time. Configure LCA (v0.6.0 or later) to integrate with PCA (v0.4.0 or later) and use the two solutions together to get the best of both worlds.. See Live call analytics and agent assist for your contact center with Amazon language AI services for more information.

Ignition, the open source exception debug page created by Spatie, has been redesigned from the ground up. The new, improved Ignition ships with Laravel 9.x and includes light / dark themes, customizable "open in editor" functionality, and more.

The basic ideas of sensitivityanalysis (SA) are presented in thetopic thread on sensitivity analysis(ThreadTopicSensitivityAnalysis).We concentrate in the MUCM toolkit on probabilisticSA, but the reasons for this choice and alternative approaches areconsidered in the discussion pageDiscWhyProbabilisticSA.ThreadTopicSensitivityAnalysisalso outlines four general uses for SA; we discuss here the SA measuresappropriate to one of those uses - analysing the way that uncertaintyconcerning the consequences of a decision is induced by uncertainty inits inputs.

The role of \(\omega(x)\) is to represent uncertainty about thesimulator inputs \(x\). As such, it should reflect the bestavailable knowledge about the true, but uncertain, values of the inputs.Typically, this distribution will be centred on whatever are the bestcurrent estimates of the inputs, with a spread around those estimatesthat faithfully describes the degree of uncertainty. However, turningthis intuitive impression into an appropriate probability distributionis not a simple process. 041b061a72

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