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Neutron Music Player Pro V2.00.0 For Android [Latest]

Never have to work with the clunky and unimpressive music player app on your Android devices anymore. Instead, you can completely change your in-app experiences, using this awesome mobile application of Vinylage Music Player, as it allows you to enjoy playing music with cool and unique features like never before.

Neutron Music Player Pro v2.00.0 For Android [Latest]

Simply install and enable the amazing music player on your Android devices so you can enjoy having the unique turntables on your screen, instead of the generic and unimpressive stock music players on your system. And with plenty of useful tools and convenient features, the app will make sure that you can always enjoy your audio playbacks to the fullest.

Here in Vinylage Music Player, Android users will have themselves the fully-featured music player app that comes with its unique turntable UI, so you can have more fun playing your favorite tracks and customizing the music playback experiences. Have no troubles using the many unique vinyl turntables to start enjoying your favorite audio tracks on the go.

In addition, the TrackPad / MousePadis also a small, high-res screen.Asus call it a ScreenPad.You can run a bunch of specially developed ScreenPad apps there(calculator, calendar, music player, video player, etc),and some software, like Office, automatically uses it so you canuse the ScreenPad to change settings in your document, etc.See: -APPs/

I've recently installed the very latest version of Fedora Linuxonto one of my PCs and I was shocked to see that the video and music playing software included with Linux are still -even after all of these years - absolute shite ! They could *NOT* play any of my AVI or MP4 videos and they could not even play MP3's,and they could not update themselves or download the codecs, etc necessary to handle these ubiquitous files - despite numerous attempts !!And, needless to say, they could NOT play any DVDs. What a pile of shite !So, needless to say, I very quickly installed VLC onto the machine and made it the default video and music player and this solvedall of my video and music playing problems.I don't know why the Fedora team just doesn't include VLC by default and ditch the crap that they are currently including.

If anyone is actually using Post Code Lookupout there - Hellloooooooo ???? - then you might find this new version useful as well. 4-Oct-2014:: Overhead Cable Sag Calculator Registration Form - Update to v2.41Update Overhead Cable Sag Calculator'sRegistration Form from v2.33 to v2.41.This updated Registration Form: Fixes the "Credit Card Number" truncation issue.Please refer to this Microsoft article for further information about this: Last digits are changed to zeroes when you type long numbers in cells of Excel, Adds a data entry box for the credit card CVV / security code number - which is now required for me to process most credit card transactions. Simplifies the calculations (behind the scenes) for volume discounts and various additions / upgrades (such as Training Videosand so on).This updated Registration Form is now included with the TRIAL version of Sag Calculator,the FULL version of Sag Calculator, and in ALL links and files on Overhead Cable Sag Calculator's web page. 2-Oct-2014:: Overhead Cable Sag Calculator and Windows 10I always like to try out and test out new versions of Windows well before they are released to make sure there aren't any issues with any of my software. I especially like to make absolutely sure that my Overhead Cable Sag Calculatoris running fine under all x86 and x64 versions of Windows so that none of my registered users have any problems. If there are problems, then I will either fix them or find solutions / work-arounds to them.Microsoft have just released a special pre-release of the next major version of their flag-ship Windows operating system, and they are skipping Windows 9 and going straight to Windows 10. The special pre-release version available is called the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The full / retail version of Windows 10 probably wont be released for at least 6-12 months, but, like I said above, I like to get in early and test things out.I've just downloaded the 64 bit version, Windows 10 Technical Preview (64 bit),and installed this in a VirtualBoxvirtual machine, and everything seems fine. There were just two *very* minor issues: I had to run Sag Calculator's installer in Windows XP compatibility mode, otherwise an error dialog popped up saying that the Wise Installer file "UNWISE.EXE" could not be installed / created. There is a gap at the bottom of Sag Calculator's main window - between the tabbed book and the status bar - which is very strange, but it shouldn't be to hard to resolve.Both of these "issues" could be because this is such an early, pre-release version of Windows, or they could be because Microsoft have changed the way Windows works under-the-hood again. In any case, these "issues" are *very* minor and Sag Calculator is running and working fine under Windows 10. I will, of course, keep an eye on things over the coming months, and if there are any problems, I will either fix them or find solutions / work-arounds for them.Click on the cropped image below to see a full size screen shot of Overhead Cable Sag Calculator v3.6running under Windows 10 Technical Preview: Oh, and what did I think of Windows 10 ?Well, it's a strange beast, and the user interface is sort of cross between Windows 7 and Windows 8.Will I be upgrading my main Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 ? Not for the foreseeable future ! 8-Aug-2014:: HalfStoned .... a collectible game kinda like Hearthstone ....I love developing software, and I'm usually either thinking of new programs / software to develop / write,keeping a look out for things that might make great or useful programs,or actually writing / developing software.Very few of my programs "escape from the lab" onto my web page.Most are just "for fun" little projects, or projects that are never developed far enough to be released for a variety of reasons (I may lose interest, the project may turn out to be "not as good" as I had originally thought, I may discover that someone else has already done the same thing, etc).Over the past few months, I've been playing waaaayyyy too much Hearthstone(released by Blizzard in early 2014)a deceptively simple but amazingly addictive and deeply strategic free, on-line, multi-player collectible card game. It's like a cross between cards and chess, but with infinitely more complexity, addictiveness, variations, and subtleties. The ideas behind Hearthstone are nothing knew. There are numerous card games from which Hearthstone has borrowed ideas, such as Magic the Gathering (MTG)(released by Wizards of the Coast in August 1993), Shadow Era(released by Wulven Games in 2012),and various others.Back in high school, friends and I used to playNuclear War(a card game by Douglas Malewicki, originally published in 1965).In fact many dozens of collectible card games (computer based and/or physical cards) exist, see Wikipedia's List of collectible card games.So, while the ideas behind Hearthstone are nothing new, Hearthstone focuses on just 2 things: card collection and combat, and it does these very well indeed. And it has a beautiful Graphical User Interface (GUI). Hearthstone is "free to play", and you can earn in-game currency by completing quests, etc which you can then use to buy card packs, buy access to add on adventures, etc. Or, you can use real money to buy in-game currency and card packs, which will give you an edge over "free to play" players and greatly accelerate your advancement in the game. I have read forum posts from players who have spent well in excess of $500 US on card packs, etc for the game !If you haven't played Hearthstoneor Magic the Gathering (MTG)yet, then PLEASE DON'T - they are both way too much fun and you will lose many hours every day playing them. You have been warned !For the past few weeks, very much on the back burner, I have been developing my own "card game" engine, and I am currently using some of the names and stats of some of the cards included in the Hearthstone, purely for testing purposes. My version of the game is called "HalfStoned" ..... It's currently character based, so its user interface (UI) is an "ugly, black and white console screen". Ahhh, those were the daze ....It's still very early days and mountains of work still needs to be done.Here's a screen shot of the game so far:My main aim is to get the engine working for all of the types of cards I want to support, and then when everything is working, worry about the UI and other things later.I'm also thinking of porting my code to the Apple ][and maybe even the C=64and perhaps even other ancient computers so that users of these systems can play a turn based card game.My game will also support *many* players in the one game - not just PvP (player vs player). So, for example, you will be able to have 2 Vs 2 battles, or 3 Vs 1, or 5 Vs 2, or whatever you like.The only limit so far is screen real estate to display everything .... this issue will be reduced when I improve the user interface ....NOTE: Needless to say, if I do release any version of this program to anyone else or onto my web page, then it will be FREEWARE and it will NEVER include *any* of Blizzard's card names, card stats, art, sounds, or anything else. I will develop my own cards with their own unique stats. If I need art or sounds then I may seek help from others who want to help with the project. The last thing I want to do is infringe anyone else's Intellectual property or Copyright or have any issues with Blizzard's lawyers or anyone else's lawyers ....If you might be interested in helping me test my version of the game, or if you would like to contribute in any way (playing "over the internet" support, AI, card art, game sounds, etc) then please email me.If other programmers want to help me, then I will Open Source the game / code. 3-Aug-2014:: Overhead Cable Sag Calculator Registration Form - Re-UpdateUpdate the Registration Form in theTRIAL version of Sag Calculator,so that it includes my correct email address.I've also checked all links to the Registration Form and also checked the Registration Form inthe latest version of Sag Calculator (available only for Registered users) andall of these are fine. The only issue was in the TRIAL version ....Everything was fine, and people were emailing me andregistering Sag Calculator fine until a few weeks ago when Registrationsstarted going to my old email address (which no longer works), and this caused delays and confusion over the last few weeks.I apologise for the confusion this has caused.Special thanks to Raymond K for his patience and for bringing this to my attention. 14-May-2014 :: Add an Astronomy Link - Special thanks to Kelly and the great kids at Morrow Community Center Add a new link on the links sectionof my web page for: EIJet - Jets Observing The SkysSpecial thanks to the terrific kids at Morrow Community Centerand especially to their amazing mentor Kelly.Kelly emailed me recently and asked me to add the link because she and the kids shementors found it such a useful web site. Thanks to Kelly's inspirational email, and the great work Morrow Community Center are doing,I am more than happy to add the link. In fact, I am so impressed with Kelly and the Morrow Community Centerthat if I was based in Ohio, USA,instead of Australia, then I'd volunteer at Morrow Community Centeras well. 2-May-2014 :: Overhead Cable Sag Calculator - The Survey Results are *IN* Back on 20-Sep-2013, I emailed all registered users for my Overhead Cable Sag Calculatorsoftware and asked them what they wanted for the future:Do they want an Android tablet version ? Do they want an iPad / iOS version ? A Linux version ? What else would they like ?And, I placed an update on my web page about this: 20-Sep-2013: Sag Calculator v4.0 ... ANDROID ?? Apple iOS ?? Let me know what you want !just in case anyone had changed email addresses without updating me, or a company's mail servers were blocking my emails,etc.I also placed several updates about my progress in exploring 2 tools that enabled me todevelop Android and/or iPad / iOS versions of my software: 20+21-Sep-2013 :: Lazarus Free Pascal - Day 01 and 02 22-Sep-2013 :: Embarcadero Delphi XE5 - Day 01 - Start Time: 12:30 PM, End Time: 9:35 PM 23-Sep-2013 :: Embarcadero Delphi XE5 - Day 02 - Start Time: 9:30 AM, End Time: 11:30 PMand I left the survey OPEN for over SEVEN (7) months to give everyone *ample* opportunitiesto see and respond to the survey.And here are the results: Android Mac OSX iOS / iPad Linux Total Votes: 4 2 7 0 If I count the one site license that I have sold for Overhead Cable Sag Calculatoras "20 registered users", then there are currently 112 registered users for Sag Calculator.(When the survey email was sent out on 20-Sep-2013, there were 107 registered users for Sag Calculator).So, the above survey results figures represent *very* low demand for Android and/oriPad tablet versions of Sag Calculator.Tablets are terrific little machines, and they are great for games,but they are not so brilliant for real work,and it seems that few of the people who use Sag Calculator(engineers in the field) are using tablets while they are sagging the actual cables.And, I can certainly understand why this is the case. With the very low price of netbooks and laptop computers,you get a hell of a lot more "bang for your buck" and a far more useful computing device,a much bigger screen, more memory, far greater processing power, and a proper keyboard to boot.Does this mean that there will never be an Android or iPad / iOS version of Sag Calculator ?Certainly NOT ! I will continue to explore development options for these devices, and when the time is right,when the necessary tools have matured sufficiently, I will certainly consider developing nativeversions of Sag Calculator (and my other software) for these devices. However, my main priority, for now,will be adding improvements and enhancements to Sag Calculator on the Windows platform. Run Sag Calculator on a Tablet:So if you need to run Sag Calculator on a tablet, you still have options: Buy a Windows tablet and run Sag Calculator on this. Or, buy an Android or IPad and: Run Sag Calculator under emulation.e.g. Bochs -> Windows 95 or 98. Run Sag Calculator in a Virtual Machine.e.g. Parallels, VirtualBox, etc and setup a Virtual Machine for Windows 95 or later. Run Sag Calculator on a Mac:Or if you need to run Sag Calculator on a Mac: Run Sag Calculator under emulation.e.g. Bochs -> Windows 95 or 98. Run Sag Calculator in a Virtual Machine.e.g. Parallels, VirtualBox, etc and setup a Virtual Machine for Windows 95 or later.If you want to explore these further, use your favourite internet search engine andyou will quickly find loads of articles and tutorial / walk through videos on YouTube. 2-May-2014 :: Moose's Software Valley - Back Up AgainAs you may have noticed, Moose's Software Valley has been down and out of action since Monday, 21 April 2014,which what felt like an eternity (11 days). The company hosting my web page has been having extremedifficulties lately behind the scenes.Hopefully, they have now got their act together and there wont be any furtherinterruptions to their service, or I'll be looking for a new hostingcompany pretty darn quick.Anyway, happily Moose's Software Valley is finally back up again today. :) 12-Apr-2014 :: Email Servers still REJECTING Registration Confirmation and Other Emails from MeJust re-highlighting an issue that I have spoked about previously, where my emails are not getting through because they are being rejected by "over-zealous" company mail servers as SPAM.See my prior posts: 1-Oct-2013 :: Email Servers REJECTING Registration Confirmation and Other Emails from Me 1-Oct-2013 :: Sag Calculator Registration FormThis is still an ISSUE. Several of my emails to Sag Calculator Registered users have bounced today.For the record, unless I am very ill and in hospital,I check my email at least once per day (and usually several times a day) andI respond to emails very quickly.So, if you have not received a response to your email or your registration within 24 hours, then it isalmost certainly because your mail server is blocking or rejecting my email replies.As I said in my updates below: If you Register Sag Calculator or email me and don't receive a reply email within 24 hours,then please email me from another email account - OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMPANY, such asGmailorYahooor some other accountbecause it is *very likely* that *your* company's mail server has deleted or blocked my email replies.Hope people see / read this, and don't sit there thinking "Geez, that Moose guy never checks or replies to his emails .... ". I am replying to your emails, honest. :) 30-Jan-2014 :: Sanitize Disk Space (v2.1f) Upload a new version of Sanitize Disk Space (v2.1f) to my Freeware Programs Page. Sanitize Disk Spaceenables you to select any writable drive connectedto your PC, such as any USB thumb drive, external harddrives, networkdrives, or any of your PC's harddrives or harddrive partitions,and then sanitize the free / unused space on this drive.Once sanitized (at a high sanitization level), the data in yourdeleted files can never again be recovered, and no hacker - nomatter how clever - should ever be able to view any data containedin your deleted files.This processing should be highly desirable for anyone who isselling or replacing their PC - especially if the PC containedany sensitive or personal or confidential data.

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