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Where To Buy Porcelain Dolls

Denise Van Patten is a professional doll collecting expert and doll dealer with over two decades of experience. She has authored "The Official Price Guide to Dolls" and shares her extensive knowledge about modern, vintage, and antique dolls.

where to buy porcelain dolls

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The dolls themselves were a miniature model of the cycle of fashion consumerism: new outfits, new hairdos, new accessories and new furnishings for these bisque beauties. It was all a dress rehearsal for the consumer cycle of womanhood.

These dolls had a fashionista forerunner: mini mannequins. The French royal court would ship these figurines fully decked out in the latest styles so aristocracy in other countries could copy them for their closets. Essentially, they were the 1700s version of flipping through Vogue.

An explosion of shopping venues followed these developments, from ritzy department stores to the encyclopedic mail-order catalogs to mushrooming chain stores. Ample toy-buying went into overdrive on Christmas, which solidified into a national American holiday and a Santa-themed, gift-giving bonanza in the 1870s. Finally, busy parents with fewer children came to see dolls as a good surrogate for companionship. All this was coupled with innovations in mass production and the dawn of the factory. The result: Porcelain dolls were poised for a takeover.

Bisque dolls reflected the fact that life was fragile and breakable, and so were human bodies. For the upper classes, their bodies were treasured, protected, memorialized. For the working classes, their bodies were fractured, forgotten, disposed. These were the bodies that were used in doll assembly itself, considered just part of the machinery of mass production. And before the advent of labor laws, children were part of that toil. For the workers, physical effort led to aches, pinpricked fingers, stiff backs, kiln-burned skin. But working-class bodies were also used as raw materials. Doll wigs were typically made from human hair bought from working-class girls. In effect, this process made body parts from the working classes into a plaything of the upper classes.

Research is paramount to any aspect of this field, and she says she is constantly learning through books, personal contacts with those more learned than she in the field, hands on look at many dolls and attending auctions, doll shows, classes and seminars. She loves repairing dolls and bringing them back to life. She also enjoys making porcelain dolls, cloth dolls and Teddy Bears.

Dolls are as many and varied as people, and everyone who collects has favorites for whatever reason. Colleen has an Asian doll collection which goes back over thirty five years when she taught in Guam and traveled with her husband and children in Hong Kong and Japan. Her collection has grown past this and she is especially fond of the composition dolls she played with as a child and has developed a love of the antique German Kestners.

Whether it's time for bed or time to play, each outfit created for our dolls is hand-tailored for a perfect fit. Pamper your little one with a wardrobe of adorable and fashionable looks, and share sweet snuggles with our blankets and buntings.

Dolls are ambassadors of our most treasured memories and dreams, each with its own, unique story to tell. At Ashton-Drake, our amazing selection of collectible dolls is here to help you bring those stories home and to share them with those you love. We pour all our creative energy into these lovable treasures, carefully handcrafting realistic baby dolls and child dolls, fantasy dolls, bride dolls, nostalgic dolls, and our lifelike monkey dolls.

Here you'll find baby dolls showcasing the talents of acclaimed Master Doll Artists like Linda Webb, Ping Lau, and Linda Murray. Extraordinary sculpting and superior-quality materials and construction capture each doll's unique personality and character. Hand-painting, hand-rooted hair, poseable and weighted bodies, custom-designed and expertly tailored costumes, even sound and movement; our attention to detail is what makes every Ashton-Drake doll so distinctive and so certain to be cherished.

Hold one of our So Truly Real lifelike baby dolls in your arms, or one of our newborn baby dolls (including many similar to reborn dolls), and you're sure to be amazed at how perfectly it captures the wonder of cradling a real baby. Our authentic silicone baby dolls are breathtaking, to hold and to touch. You'll also find stunning porcelain dolls, dolls with our innovative Hold That Pose! technology, dolls that capture your favorite film and television characters and so much more. Don't wait. Shop Now!

If you collect porcelain dolls, then you know, if stored properly, they can last for decades and even centuries. Like most antique collectible items, porcelain dolls increase in value the longer you have them. Many dolls have historical or family value from being passed down from generation to generation.

Before storing your porcelain dolls, the dolls must be cleaned well. You can extend the life and elevate the quality of your dolls by implementing a regular cleaning schedule. Since even minor damages could damage the integrity of your doll, wear white non-abrasive gloves when handling your dolls. The gloves prevent any oil or dirt from your fingertips from wearing down or staining the materials. Since porcelain dolls are extremely delicate, a towel should be placed under the doll to prevent any potential scratches. To ensure clean dolls for storage, follow the steps below.

While cleaning the dolls is an important step, it will all be worthless if improperly stored. Porcelain dolls require a specific type of environment and container to ensure their longevity. Here are our top storage tips for extending the life of your porcelain dolls.

Since porcelain dolls are collectible items, they can be difficult to find in any average store. Most of the time, the valuable and rare dolls will be found in antique, collectible shops. Antique and collectible shops have specific standards for accepting items, so the dolls offered would be in decent shape. Unfortunately, not all cities in Central Texas have porcelain doll stores or antique shops. We compiled a list of some of the closest stores to Central Texas that may have what you are looking for.

These amazing collectible models are created by Russian artists and folk craftsmen. The doll costumes are made with great attention to each detail and ethnographic authenticity. Masters use different materials and fabrics to create clowns: leather, fur, feathers, artificial and natural fur, glass, plastic, porcelain, rhinestones and precious stones, and many more. The high-quality execution of the dolls meets all modern aesthetic requirements.

There is an incredible variety of dolls that are collected today and collectors have nearly infinite ways of collecting and sorting dolls. But among all of them the most valuable is the Porcelain Doll. Their flawless features and strong resemblance to human skin made people all over the world fall in love with this doll instantly. Object of passion for so many collectors, Porcelain Dolls have an interesting history.

China mastered the art of creating porcelain two thousand years ago, but many of its manufacturing secrets arrived in Europe much later. For that reason the first dolls created in Europe from porcelain were called China Dolls. Between 1840 and 1880 the majority of the dolls was made in Germany from white glazed porcelain as this material could be transformed into any shape and easily re-created thousands of times.Initially sold as a fashion doll for wealthy children, the Porcelain Doll quickly grew popular near the end of the 19th century and became accessible to a wider range of families.

At the end of 19th century doll manufacturers in France and Germany began to use Bisque porcelain. Bisque, also known as biscuit, is a type of pottery that is fired as unglazed ceramic. The dolls however featured porcelain only on their heads, shoulders and hands. The bodies of the early Bisque Porcelain Dolls were usually made from wood, cloth, leather or papier-mâché. Bisque is said to have a more natural skin look than china. To further the likeness to the human form, manufacturers often used wigs made from human or goat hair to make the Porcelain Dolls seem more natural. They represented grown up women and men in modern (for the time) clothes. Later the majority of them switched to girls and boys as Porcelain Dolls were targeted at children. By the early 20th century, the United States and Japan began manufacturing Porcelain Dolls, as well. But as the century progressed the creation of Porcelain Dolls became more of a hobby, as the market demanded more realistic and less fragile dolls, so manufacturers focused mostly on dolls that could be used as toys.

Take a look through our collection of Porcelain Dolls, each is beautifully crafted with exquisite detail, translucence and delicate features. You are sure to enjoy the unique selection of Porcelain Dolls, ranging from iconic people from history, like Napoleon doll, to Russian-themed dolls, fairytale characters dolls and so many more.

When families in San Clemente, California, began finding porcelain dolls in the likeliness of their daughters left on the front stoop, the general reaction from the families, and many others, was that the situation was downright eerie.

Investigators ultimately were able to track down the source of the dolls, which turned out to be a woman from the local church that the families attended. Police deemed the acts to have been done in goodwill, so why did it seem so spooky in the first place? 041b061a72

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